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Eligibility for Aid

There are several requirements you must meet to be considered for financial aid:

  • You must maintain satisfactory academic progress for your career major. Please refer here to review the policies.
  • Since July 1, 2012, all new students must have a high school diploma, its recognized equivalent (e.g., the GED), or completed home schooling at the secondary level. If you were enrolled in a program prior to July 1, 2012, and do not meet the previous criteria, you may be eligible for federal student aid if you have demonstrated the "Ability to Benefit". For most students, this means you must pass the COMPASS with minimum scores of 62 in reading, 25 in pre-algebra, and 32 in language/writing; or you must have successfully completed 225 clock hours applicable to your certificate.
  • You must be pursuing a certificate in a program (career major) that has been approved for Title IV eligibility.
  • You must be a citizen or eligible non-citizen.
  • If you have previous loans or grants, you must not be in default on any loans or owe a repayment on any grants.
  • Men aged 18-25 are required to register with the Selective Service System.
  • A federal or state drug conviction that occurred while the student was receiving federal student aid (FSA) may disqualify the student for FSA funds.
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